I  work on a custom-order basis and for craft markets that are advertise on my Facebook page.

I sometimes have dolls “ready to go“.

For a custom doll you have to make a lot of decisions :

Boy or Girl ? (The only differences are the hair style and the clothes !)

The size small 13-14″ or medium 16-17″

The skin can be of 7 different shades : porcelaine, rose, abricot, mate, mocca, terracotta, chocolat

The eyes can be in stars, slanted or oval in blue, green or brown

The quality and length of the hair : wool, fluffy mohair, curly mohair in light or dark blond, brown, ginger or black

The doll will be wearing a set of simple clothes (dress + panties for the girls, shirt + pants for the boys).

All the colors of skin and hair are not available in organic quality but if you want an all organic doll do contact me to discuss it.

Once you have confirm your choices it will take me 1 to 2 months to prepare your doll.



small doll : 79£

medium doll : 92£

If you are interested  in a custom doll or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at :