I made my first doll for my daughter, then my sons and my nieces … and literally couldn’t stop !

I fell in love with those dolls who always appear with there own character and personality under my fingers. It is a little miracle every time and each one is unique even if I use the same pattern and the same fabric.

Each doll is made of all natural materials. Their skin is made from Swiss Cotton Interlock (where I came from!) and their bodies are firmly stuffed with British Organic  Wool (where I currently live!). Their eyes and lips are embroidered with a cotton floss and their cheeks are blushed with a beeswax crayon. Their hairs are made of mohair wool (fluffy or curly), or wool yarn or a mix of both. The doll is dressed with clothes designed for the children to be easy to put on and take off and made of natural fabrics and fibers, such as linen, liberty, cotton batiste, virgin wool, cotton or alpaca yarn.

I put a lot of love and care into my work and hope that each doll will bring joy and comfort to the one who welcomes her into their homes